The new zero waste collection & new exciting projects!

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A couple of weeks ago I introduced the new collection pieces for you via. our Instagram live, IG stories & on our VIP mailing list and the result are in but more about that in a little bit. I am also working on two really exciting projects one which includes the artist Tato an abstract painter from New York. The second project I am going to share with you next Friday so hold on tight!

My original plan was to show you the styles here while I was "live" but I had almost all of them shipped for grading and then they are going into production at our factory in Queen, NY to ensure that the styles will be ready for you when Spring arrives. For our VIP’s they will get an email very soon for our exclusive pre-sale of the zero waste styles so that they can make sure that they get them before they are gone. This time I am only making a few pieces of each size so you will have to be quick. So today I actually only have one style to show you and it is the triangle top made from Tencel and linen.

The art collaboration is being released on Mother's day May 9th. I am so excited about this artistic collaboration. It is the first one ever! We are only launching with a few pieces so you will have to be ready. I will make sure to send out an email where you can sign up to be the first to get a chance to buy the very few limited pieces!

Our spring sale is ending this Sunday!! We are almost sold out but we do have a few pieces left including this Vest. It’s the very last one we have. You can save up to 50% off and there are so really cool pieces!!

Find the sale here:

Recap: quick recap: We have decided which pieces should be included in our spring & summer 2021 collection based on your votes on social and email. The pieces will be released for exclusive pre-sale very soon. We are also working with the talented artist Tato an abstract painter from New York and the collaboration will be released on Mother's day the 9th of May so make sure you have signed up for our VIP mailing list. The other project that I am working on is being released next Friday!! I can’t wait to tell you about it!!

Find the artist here:

I am wearing the tube leggings:

The top will be on pre-sale soon!! Sign up below to know when!

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