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Lets welcome 2022 with a sustainable giveaway! :)

Enter to win a beautiful look by Astor & Orion x Malaika New York a total value of $330. 

This is your chance to get handcrafted jewelry designed in Seattle Washington by Astor & Orion and a statement dress made in New York designed by Malaika New York. 

 ✔️How to enter: Click here & enter your email address.

✔️For bonus entries: Follow us & tag a friend on Instagram

Giveaway dates: 1/20-1/26 Winner will be announced 1/27 via email.

Participating brands


astor & orion recycled jewelry designed in the usa

Astor & Orion

Astor & Orion utilizes Circular Design principals to create a truly sustainable Jewelry brand. They cast their jewelry from recycled metals and do not use stones so that their designs can be easily recycled again at the end of their life.  

In less creative hands, only working in metals would be limiting but Astor & Orion’s approach to jewelry design is unique. They hand sculpt each piece in a 3D environment which allows them to create stunning, modern designs with handcrafted charm.  

Once a design has been perfected, they send it to their certified manufacturing partner in Thailand who shares their belief that quality work starts with a fair and safe workplace. The pieces are cast, polished, and inspected for the highest quality so their customers can feel proud of each and every piece they own.

malaika new york sustainable women's wear brand usa

Malaika New York is created for the women that care for the environment. Who wants to have a few staple pieces that makes her look amazing on her everyday journey through life. A Zero Waste clothing brand combining Scandinavian minimalism with exquisite techniques making their garments both versatile and unique. Their clothes are made from squares, triangles & rectangles to optimize their fabric use up to 98% leaving their customers with unique pieces they can't find elsewhere. Season-less garments that is made to last. 

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