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Zero Waste Designer Malaika New York is winner Of Best Accessories Brand 2017 awarded by Eluxe Magazine.

Celebrating Excellence in Sustainable Luxury: The Inaugural Eluxe Awards of 2017

After establishing itself as the foremost publication in sustainable luxury over four years, Eluxe embarked on a mission to recognize excellence within the industry through the inaugural Eluxe Awards in 2017. To curate a list of honorees, Eluxe enlisted the expertise of influential figures in the eco-fashion realm, including luminaries like Christina Dean, Sass Brown, Daniela Christiansson, Lady Charlotte Lynham, and more.

The task of selecting the honorees was far from straightforward, given the abundance of deserving brands distinguished by their aesthetics, values, and production practices. The judging panel was entrusted with considering these multifaceted aspects while bearing in mind Eluxe's core identity as a luxury publication.

Today, the fruits of their meticulous deliberations were revealed at Green Fashion Week in Los Angeles, where the prestigious Eluxe Awards were unveiled. These awards stand as a testament to the tireless efforts and commitment of individuals and brands dedicated to marrying the worlds of luxury and sustainability, thus shaping the future of eco-conscious fashion. The Eluxe Awards serve as a beacon of recognition and inspiration for those who seek to elevate the standards of beauty, ethics, and craftsmanship in the realm of sustainable luxury.

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