The front cover of harpers bazaar in 2017


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Malaika New York's Zero-Waste Innovation Graces Harper's Bazaar Spring Edit 2017

In a stunning display of sustainable fashion, Malaika New York, the trailblazing zero-waste designer, made a significant mark in the fashion world with a feature in Harper's Bazaar Spring Edit 2017. At the heart of this showcase was Malaika New York's square grey jacket, an avant-garde creation adorned with a bold and distinctive large zipper detail.

This unique jacket embodies Malaika New York's commitment to redefining fashion through eco-consciousness. The meticulous craftsmanship and design innovation showcased in this piece serve as a beacon for an industry striving for sustainability.

Harper's Bazaar's recognition of Malaika New York's square grey jacket underscores the brand's unwavering dedication to combining style and environmental responsibility. It's a testament to the belief that fashion can be both aesthetically striking and conscientious.

The large zipper detail adds a touch of edginess to the jacket, proving that sustainable fashion can push the boundaries of creativity and design. Malaika New York's presence in Harper's Bazaar Spring Edit 2017 signifies a shift in the fashion landscape toward a more sustainable and responsible future. It serves as an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts seeking both innovation and environmental stewardship in their clothing choices.


Harpers Bazar spring edit with Malaika New York

Zero Waster Designer Malaika New York in Harper's Bazaar Spring Edit 2017.

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